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Second Wind Student Project:

Each student in AEM 4940 worked to develop either a business, product, or program to act as an extension or supplement to Second Wind's social impact mission. This included creating a Really Big Idea Sketchpad, a diagram that effectively maps out a broad perspective of an  entrepreneurial concept, in order to establish target demographics, value propositions, and core competencies. Students then had the opportunity to apply for a Second Wind visit in which they would present their concepts.

The Nest Exit Program:

The Nest Exit Program is a dynamic implementation into Second Wind Cottages’ donation incentives, and directly tackles one of their most prevalent challenges: reintegrating homeless individuals back into society after their rehabilitation at Second Wind Cottages. The difficulties that homeless individuals will face once they have completed their stay at Second Wind Cottages are not a product of their own choices, but of the people around them. This is because there are social stigmas that prevent them from leading normal lives, which is directly influenced by the difficulty they will face finding an adequate job. In order to bring Second Wind Cottages’ mission to fruition, The Nest Exit Program will incentive corporations who support their mission to hire these individuals into entry level, service oriented, positions. This will be done through various government programs such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit that will pay a business back for the initial salary they expend on their homeless employee. The Nest Exit Program will act as a direct extension of Second Wind Cottages social programs, and requires no costs to get off the ground. Utilizing this system ensures that the effort put into helping the homeless individuals at Second Wind Cottages isn’t wasted, and that they can once again live a normal life and support themselves through their own work. We must work to normalize their presence in society, as no one deserves to live with a preconceived label stopping them from living a happy life. This is why doing so through the use of government incentive programs is so crucial, because it offers corporations and small business an alternative to donating direct cash. In addition, due to the government payback, there is no financial burden on any business that chooses to participate. This will allow us to create a network of hiring businesses who actively want to help the individuals who have completed their stay at Second Wind Cottages, but who don’t have the monetary means to make donations. Individuals will only be moved into this program once the staff at Second Wind Cottages has decided that they are ready, offering a sense of responsibility and self worth. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the capability to accept tax deductible donations, integrating the Nest Exit Program as an addition will fully take advantage of the funds the government has to offer for social enterprises. Second Wind Cottages will ensure that the homeless individuals are stable, self aware, and rehabilitated; and the Nest Exit Program will ensure that there is a pathway for them to enter the world without stigmas holding them back. Together there is nothing stopping us from changing the world, one cottage, and one person, at a time.  


Second Wind Cottages:

Second Wind Cottages is a Newfield based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a haven for members of the homeless community while working to support their reintegrating into society. Second Wind spans seven acres and currently comprises fifteen independent cottages, each occupied by a homeless individual. Through their nonprofit status, Second Wind is currently looking for donations in order to scale and improve their operation. 

Second Wind Cottages Business Model Canvas: 

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Implementation program into Second Wind's social services. 

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The Nest Exit Program - Concept Presentation: 

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