AEM 4940: Secrets of Business Success          Summer Portfolio


Vlog #1 - Here I discuss my BP10 Assessment results, define my entrepreneurial style, discuss a recent time where I utilized one of my innate skills, and ultimately express the importance of applying one's natural abilities into their daily routine.

Zoom Pitch - Leading Hotels of The World: In this clip, I discuss the importance of maintaining a consistent narrative around a brand, more specifically in the case of LHW's 350 hotel consortium. This then leads into the utilization of global feeder markets, and the correlation between LHW's HES program and hotel revenue.

Zoom Pitch - Second Wind Cottages: Mohsin Kazim and I are once again working together in order to mold our talents, experiences, and values into a Volunteer Coordinator position at Second Wind Cottages. 


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Vlog #2 - I tackle Voss Water's 2010 identity crisis through the lens of Voss CEO Jack Belsito. In addition, I navigate the intersection of take home retail and on-premises markets. Finally, I examine how a basic commodity transformed into an emblem of luxury. 

Zoom Pitch - Lawrence Stanley: Mohsin Kazim and I were forced to blindly triangulate Lawrence Stanley, a man we had yet to meet, and sell ourselves as the most qualified team for him to recruit on his latest entrepreneurial venture. We determined this venture as the Cap-X Group.

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Personal Technology Diagram - 

Personal Technology Diagram -