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236 W 30th Street, 9th FL.
New York, NY 10001.

Case Study #2


In AEM 4940: Secrets of Business Success, students read an in depth case study on Voss Water's various revenue streams, which included their struggle to develop a consistent brand narrative in both the luxury on premesis and retail take home markets. While attempting to infiltrate the take home market through a lower-end red stripe product, Voss posed risk to their initial presence as a symbolic high end water brand. Students were then tasked to navigate their way out of Voss' identity struggle from the perspective of Voss CEO Jack Belsito, in 2010. This included creating a two minute vlog justifying their actions in correlation with the balance they found between Voss' two primary markets. In addition, they evaluated Voss' failures and utilized them as opportunities to generate growth. This video can be viewed under the AEM 4940 Work Portfolio tab.


Voss Water Business Model Canvas:

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