Mission: To inspire a climate of inclusion and accessibility through the lens of social enterprises.


Builder Profile 10 Assessment:

Most Prevalent Innate Talents

Entrepreneurial Style: Expert

"Being the best in your field is crucial for you. You set the bar high for yourself and focus on breakthrough discoveries. Whether you invent something new or build a product or service through several iterations, you focus on finding solutions to the issues your customers face. Highly independent, you constantly push beyond current thinking, never accept the status quo and imagine new possibilities. With your endless persistence and unbridled determination, quitting is not an option. You fully dedicate yourself to improving a product or service. As a quick learner, you constantly search for ways to differentiate your product or organization in the market. You are part artist and part scientist — and comfortable working at the intersection of both."

Personal Story:

Over the course of his education at Avenues: The World School,
Nico Wells has had a deep passion in entrepreneurship and social development. Intrigued by the potential to utilize independent enterprises as catalysts in impacting humanity’s wellbeing, Nico first ventured into the startup environment at fifteen as Founder and CEO of Evresi-Technology. Evresi provides an autonomous attendance server to universities through Bluetooth Low Energy presence detection. In Evresi's first year, Nico was invited to present his concept model at Facebook and Google in NYC. Three weeks later Evresi secured a meeting with Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, a local venture capitalist firm. Although an enriching experience, no deal was made. This lead Nico to Design-4-Impact, a student-run startup which aims to provide under resourced students with a curriculum founded in design thinking. When Nico joined Design-4-Impact, it was incubated under his school’s social entrepreneurship fund. Recognizing Design-4-Impact’s potential as a 501c3, he assumed the position of Head of Business Sustainability and worked to develop a business model that would satisfy their users and sponsors simultaneously. Upon completion of this business model, Nico was invited to present at ProtoHack’s innovation competition at NYU Steinhardt. It was there that Nico won first place in the competition and was offered an internship position at ProtoHack and its subsidiary StartUp League. Although his entrepreneurial journey is still in its early stages, Nico is a tri-season varsity athlete and a passionate videographer. He enjoys playing the piano, riding his bike, and most of all, learning through experience.

Professional Experience:

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Design 4 Impact: Head of Corporate Social Responsibility


Evresi Technology: Founder and CEO


Protohack & SUL: Student Ambassador Engagement Lead




Nico has an expansive network of both professional and personal references who can attest to his qualities, characteristics, and experiences. Please feel free to reach out to any of them via email, as provided, should you have any questions.